The Importance Of Adopting New Methods Of Customer Support Contact

Let’s face it. Today’s methods of communication are not the same as the good ole’ days when all you had to do was pick up the telephone and dial a number to reach customer service. There were no questions as to how to contact the organization, and the extent of the mental faculties involved in reaching the desired support area was locating the correct digits to dial.

Not anymore…

We have become a society of choices. “How would you like to contact us today? Telephone? Email? Online chat, mobile, SMS?” This has become the de-facto experience for most people when delving into the customer support contact arena. As new technologies emerge, use of predecessor preferred methods of staying in touch or servicing clients can quickly go by the wayside. This trend of “more, better, faster” is not going away any time soon, and it will likely evolve and expand to include methods we are completely unfamiliar with even today.

As technology advances, so must the means in which support is offered for services-based organizations. Those who fail to adopt new trends will quickly become a trend themselves; a trend in the “outdated” category. What many fail to see is that, even though traditional methods work, and work well, it is not enough for the technology-hungry segment of our society.

Savvy businesses have found themselves yearning to develop new contact methods in order to cut down on resource utilization (including money, time, and manpower).  This fiscal desire tends to act as a catalyst when coupled with the demands of the changing demographics of our society and customer base. The resulting synergy can fuel a potential whirlwind of technology advances within the communication industry.


“Omnia mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis.”
“All things change, and we with them.”
Nicholas Borbonius, 16th Century Latin Poet

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