IVR Hosting

Robust and Cost Effective IVR Hosting

IVR Hosting – It is known by many names: Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), Hosted Services, or Hosted IVR . Regardless of the name, the goal is to deliver cost effective, operationally efficient, rock solid IVR applications designed to achieve your business objectives. Acclaim Telecom Services’s hosted IVR services are PCI DSS compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was developed to protect sensitive credit card data and prevent credit card fraud. PCI compliance is difficult to achieve, and requires rigorous adherence to exacting standards requiring annual recertification. For any company handling financial information or transactions through an IVR system, PCI compliance is a must. Whether you need the latest in speech enabled / voice recognition applications, or traditional DTMF based applications; Acclaim Telecom Services can deliver.

Acclaim Telecom Services’s IVR Application Hosting services provide the complete infrastructure, equipment, application, and systems expertise to serve your needs. And it’s scalable. Start small, and ramp up. Our scalable model allows you to adjust your capacity as your business objectives evolve.

What Can You Expect From Acclaim Telecom Services IVR Hosting Services?

With Acclaim Telecom Services’s expertise, you can expect turnkey management and support of all your IVR Hosting application needs.

  • Project Planning and Project Management Expertise
  • Application Development, Testing, and Deployment for Speech or DTMF Applications
  • Dedicated Hosting Application and System Support
  • Performance Analytics and Management Reporting
  • Application Tuning and Performance Enhancement Based on Actual Live Data

Why IVR Hosting? Ultimate Flexibility For Your Business

  • Capacity Management – Usage based, dynamically scalable IVR resources
  • Capital Management – No capital equipment investment required
  • Flexible Availability – Short term and long term usage agreements
  • Technology Access – Use the experts. Access the latest in IVR Speech Recognition and Web Integration Capabilities
  • Reliability – Acclaim performs the monitoring, administration and management of all aspects of system’s performance
  • Secured Hosting Facility – Protection For Your Data, Both Physical and Operational

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